Press Release - November 14th, 2022

Formost Fuji Corporation Announces Promotion of Mike Alexander to Sales Manager, Eastern United States & Canada

November 1, 2022, Formost Fuji Corporation, Woodinville Washington, a leading manufacturer of packaging equipment, announces Mike Alexander as the new Sales Manager for the Eastern United States and Canada.   

Mike will continue to support the customers in his current territory as the Northeast Regional Sales Manager in the US, but will start his dual role as Sales Manager, Eastern United States and Canada this month.  You can reach him directly at 425-471-5709 or

Mike joined Formost Packaging Machinery in 2004.  He has been a Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast, and Northeast Territories throughout his tenure with Formost Packaging Machinery and now Formost Fuji Corporation.  As Sales Manager for the Eastern United States and Canada, he will continue to support the territories both directly and through our established network of Agents and Distributors throughout Eastern Canada and the Southeast US.

“Throughout my tenure at Formost Fuji, I have truly enjoyed my positions as a Regional Sales Manager in the Southeast, Mid-West, and Northeast Territories.” said Mike. “The relationships and friendships that I have developed with my customers and other distributors in the industry have been invaluable.  I am excited and honored to be able to continue this journey as a Sales Manager for the Eastern US and Canada, working with our partners from Capper McCall in the Southeast, Abbey Packaging and Propack in Canada, to continue our growth and strengthen our sales in the region.”

Dennis Gunnell, President, Formost Fuji Corporation, commented, “Mike’s experience and knowledge as well as his attention to detail make him an ideal candidate to support the entire Eastern US and Canada Region.  I am confident that Mike will continue to drive growth, strengthen sales strategies, and develop stronger relationships with partners in the industry.”

About Formost Fuji Corporation
Established in 1964, Formost Fuji’s team of dedicated and hardworking people are known for designing packaging solutions that are, simple, built to last, and value driven.  Formost Fuji horizontal form-fill-seal machines are custom designed to wrap a wide variety of products while the Formost Bagger is the most versatile bagging machine in the industry. 


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