Press Release - January 1st, 2022

Press release

Formost Fuji, Woodinville WA

Changes to the Service Department

Formost Fuji Corporation, a leading manufacturer of packaging equipment, is pleased to announce promotions within the service department. Derek Dietrich has been promoted to Service Manager and David Korsmo is stepping up as Assistant Service Manager.

Derek Dietrich joined the company in 1996 as an assembly mechanic, after transferring to electrical assembly in 1997, Derek worked that position until 2005 when he was promoted to Assistant Service Manager. Derek’s excellent customer service skills and deep knowledge of Formost Fuji equipment, makes him the perfect candidate for the Service Manager position.

David Korsmo began his career with Formost Fuji in 2003 as an assembly mechanic and shortly moved into electrical assembly. In 2006, David was promoted to the controls department where he has been working as an Electrical Engineer. David’s positive interaction with customers, and strong knowledge of the equipment, will be a great benefit to the service department, as the Assistant Service Manager.

Ken Meyer, Chief Operations Manager, Formost Fuji, commented, “These promotions reflect our commitment to excellence in our service department. Derek’s 15+ years of experience as assistant service manager makes him the perfect choice to be promoted to manager. David’s knowledge and skill set will be a welcomed asset to our service management team.”

Bob McHenry, who has been acting Service Manager since 2000, will be filling a new position within the service department as the Service Resource Specialist, which allows us to utilize his expertise to expand support and training for our customers and service personnel.

About Formost Fuji Corporation
Established in 1964, Formost Fuji’s team of resolute and hardworking people are known for designing packaging solutions that are, simple to operate, built to last, and value driven. Formost Fuji horizontal form-fill-seal machines are custom designed to wrap a wide variety of products while the Formost Fuji Bagger is the most versatile bagging machine in the industry.

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